Training and development process is mainly focus on employee training and development which is a part of human resource management .Importance of training and development is high for employees career.

Training Program Design

Monday, January 13, 2014

In Designing Effective Training Programs considerations factors

    (a) Training Room

  • Noise
  • Colors
Neither under/nor Over Stimulating
  • Room Structure
Appropriate Shape----Square
  • Lighting
  • Wall & Floor Covering
Walls-------Only Meeting-related Materials
 Carpet with Solid Colors
  • Meeting Room Chairs
 Revolving with back support
  • Glare
Eliminate from----- Metal Surface/TV Monitor/Mirrors
  • Ceiling
Preferable- Ten Foot High
Sufficient Space

    (b) Effective Training Site and Instruction

       (i) Creating a Learning Setting
  •       Do they need----------
See detailed visuals
Breakout rooms
  •       Avoid a large room --------- a small number of trainees
  •       Do
       (ii) Preparation
  •        The content
  •        Mental & physical rehearsals
  •        Observe master trainers
  •        Design the training -----------------from the audience’s perspective
  •        Know how to use-------------Multimedia, OHP
  •        Arrive at least 15 minutes before
  •        Greet the trainees
       iii) Classroom Management
  •       Monitor the room
  •       Give trainees breaks
       (iv) Engaging Trainees 

       (v) Managing Group Dynamics

      (c) Program Design

  •       Training Program requires-

Meaningful Material
Clear Objectives
Opportunities for Practice & Feedback
  •       Training Program may include-
One/Several Courses
Each course may contain-
One/several lessons
  •       Effective Program Design comprises:
      (i) Course Parameters- General Information about the Training Program
  •   The Course Title
  •   Description of the Audience
  •   Purpose
  •   Goals
       (i) Course Parameters
  •   Location
  •   Time
  •   Prerequisite
  •   Name of the Trainer
       (ii) Lesson Plan Overview
  •   Matches-
                  Major Activities of the Training Program & Specific Times/Intervals  
(iii) The Detailed Lesson Plan
  •  Can be designed for a program
  •   Lasting
a day/ week / several hours
For more than one day- a separate lesson plans for each day.

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