Training and development process is mainly focus on employee training and development which is a part of human resource management .Importance of training and development is high for employees career.

Benefits Employees Get From HR Certifications

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In general, to be valued as hr professional and to be considered for upper level positions people should have the knowledge of human resources. This important document differentiates hr professional and experts from others. According to Value of Certification Survey for more details about human resources certification, there are numerous causes detailed from the Human Resources Certification Institute including:
  • Executives evaluate candidates by certification when they formulate any hiring decisions.
  • Certified HR professional get trust and confidence from their peers than non-certified HR colleagues.
  • An institute/organization when hire any hr-certified proficient’s think that this employee will bring a competitive advantage for their organization.
  • Leaders of a business will be more encouraged in HR field if he/she will be certified in hr.
  • HR professionals generate an optimistic impact on their institutions’ economic performance.
By achieving certification an hr professional gets some benefits. Hr certifications make them successful in their role playing as an HR professional. Superior gives importance and values to the employees who are certified hr professionals. Human resources certifications also increase earnings of the employees.
By hr certifications an employee get the chances to find better job which will match with his qualifications. For an organizations business success an hr experts can play a vital role. Now-a-days professional in human resources certification are so needed for an organizations success. 

For HR professional’s many HR Certification institutions present a broad collection of advanced diplomas.Through the combination of formal learning and knowledge qualified HR professionals are getting chance to develop their own integrity.

Diploma in Human Resource Management offers a wide range of HRM concept and also this diploma allowing people to achieve deeply understanding of the quick developing field.Person who want to develop their career in HR and Personnel management have a great opportunity to achieve this diploma to become a part of the international HR community. Diploma in Human Resource Management focal point is the procedures, perceptions and theories which is related to practical HR issues in modern organizations. 

Professional in human resources certification gets some workplace Benefits. They get the chance to identify core competencies required for their organizations benefits. On the other hand, professional in human resources certification learn how they should communicate policies to their employees. Professional in human resources certification gets the ability to create an environment that attracts and retains talented employees.

Training Program Design

Monday, January 13, 2014

In Designing Effective Training Programs considerations factors

    (a) Training Room

  • Noise
  • Colors
Neither under/nor Over Stimulating
  • Room Structure
Appropriate Shape----Square
  • Lighting
  • Wall & Floor Covering
Walls-------Only Meeting-related Materials
 Carpet with Solid Colors
  • Meeting Room Chairs
 Revolving with back support
  • Glare
Eliminate from----- Metal Surface/TV Monitor/Mirrors
  • Ceiling
Preferable- Ten Foot High
Sufficient Space

    (b) Effective Training Site and Instruction

       (i) Creating a Learning Setting
  •       Do they need----------
See detailed visuals
Breakout rooms
  •       Avoid a large room --------- a small number of trainees
  •       Do
       (ii) Preparation
  •        The content
  •        Mental & physical rehearsals
  •        Observe master trainers
  •        Design the training -----------------from the audience’s perspective
  •        Know how to use-------------Multimedia, OHP
  •        Arrive at least 15 minutes before
  •        Greet the trainees
       iii) Classroom Management
  •       Monitor the room
  •       Give trainees breaks
       (iv) Engaging Trainees 

       (v) Managing Group Dynamics

      (c) Program Design

  •       Training Program requires-

Meaningful Material
Clear Objectives
Opportunities for Practice & Feedback
  •       Training Program may include-
One/Several Courses
Each course may contain-
One/several lessons
  •       Effective Program Design comprises:
      (i) Course Parameters- General Information about the Training Program
  •   The Course Title
  •   Description of the Audience
  •   Purpose
  •   Goals
       (i) Course Parameters
  •   Location
  •   Time
  •   Prerequisite
  •   Name of the Trainer
       (ii) Lesson Plan Overview
  •   Matches-
                  Major Activities of the Training Program & Specific Times/Intervals  
(iii) The Detailed Lesson Plan
  •  Can be designed for a program
  •   Lasting
a day/ week / several hours
For more than one day- a separate lesson plans for each day.

Special Issues Related With Training & Employee Development:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

1)      Potential Legal issues that relate to training:

  • Failing to give required training.
  • During a training activity incurring employee injury.
  • Incurring injuries to employees or others outside the training session.   
  • Reproducing & using copyrighted materials in training classes without permission.
  • Excluding women, minorities & older employees from training programs.
  • Not ensuring equal treatment to all employees while in training.
  • Need employees to attend training programs that might be offensive.
  • During a training session exposing discriminatory information.
  • With disabilities not accommodating trainees.

2)      Managing Wok force Diversity:

  •  Managing diversity means generate an environment that permits all employees regardless of their-race, age, physical condition, gender, family status, religious orientation or cultural background to contribute to organizational goals and experience personal growth.
  • Diversity can be managed through obedience towards law &/ diversity training programs (to change employee attitudes about diversity & / to help employees develop skills needed to work with a diverse work force).

3)      Melting the Glass Ceiling:

  •  Glass Ceiling– is an obstacle to advancement to the high levels of the organization.
  • Obstacle may be due to immutable, or company systems that unfavorably affect the development of women or minorities.
  •  The glass ceiling is expected caused by require of access to training programs, to appropriate developmental job experiences and to developmental relationship.  

4)      Succession Planning:  

  • Refers to the process of identifying  & developing the future leadership of the company
  • Includes the following steps— 
  1.  Identify what positions are included in the plan;
  2.  Identify the employees who are included in the plan;
  3.  Develop standards to evaluate positions;  
  4.  Determine how employee potential will be measured;
  5.   Assess the performance ;
  6.  Link the succession planning system with other human resource systems (such as , compensation, training & development etc) 
  7.  Determine what feedback is provided to employees.

5)      Developing Managers with Dysfunctional Behaviors:

  • Many studies have recognized managerial behaviors that can cause an otherwise competent manager to be an ineffective manager.  
  • Includes: lack of empathy, inability to be a team player, poor conflict –management skills, inability to change.
  • A combination of assessment, training & counseling is used to help managers change dysfunctional behavior. 

6)      Training & pay systems :

  • In skill based pay systems companies pay is primarily based on the knowledge & skills they possess rather than the knowledge or skills necessary to successfully perform the current job. The basic idea of training  & pay systems is to motivate employees to learn-pay is based on the skills that employees possess. 


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