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Labor Laws Related With HR

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Classification of workers and periods of probation:

If any worker demand in depend on the time to time basis then the worker will be called casual worker.
If any company will appoint a worker for a particular work or time then that worker will be known as a temporary worker.

Conditions of service:

Under the conditions of service a company has to submit the service rule to the chief inspector for the approval. But the submission will be only done by the employers of the company. Chief inspector within six months of reception of service rule will give his order.
Any service rule of a company will not be effective if it do not get the approval of chief inspector.
After receiving the order from chief inspector a company can appeal to government within 30 days of orders. Then government will take a decision on the basis of the appeal.

Service Book:

Employer of a company will arrange a service book for each worker. Authority to maintain a service book will be on the employer of the company.
If any worker asserts that he has worked in another place then the employer shall require his service book before give appointment to that employee. If any worker of a company does not have any service book then arrangement shall have to be made for a service book. Workers also can maintain service book by their own cost.

Form of the Service Book:

In service book a fixed photo of workers and the description of each worker will be mentioned.
Name, address and birthday of workers, Name and address of the workers previous employer, duration of service, profession or post on that job, wages and allowances etc will come under the form of service book.

Procedure for leave:

If a worker desire to leave then he has to apply a written application to the employer and the leave-address should be mentioned there. Employer shall issue orders on the application within seven day from the date of receipts.
If the leave prayed for granted by the company, a leave pass is to be issued to the workers.          
After getting the leave if workers want to extend that time workers of that company should apply before his leave will be expired. In this case worker can get the permission or rejection to his leave address.

Stoppage of work:

In the event of fire, catastrophe, breakdown of machinery, epidemic, civil commotion employer of that company may stop all the section or specifically any section. But the employer has to give a notice to the worker for stoppage of their work.
In this period if some worker work then they will get wages if their work time will be more than one hour. If the working period is more than one day then the worker will get wages beyond the first one day of stoppage. If the stoppage of work is more than three days then workers will be considered as laid off.

Closure of Establishment:

If workers will go for illegal strikes then the employer may close down wholly or partly any section of that company. In this strikes workers shall not get any wages. But for this strikes if other section will be affected then that sections, workers should get those wages.

Death benefit:

If any worker works more than three years in a company and suddenly meets death, then employer will provide death benefit to those workers nominated person or dependent. The employers may pay gratuity or 30 days wages which will be greater for his service.

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