Training and development process is mainly focus on employee training and development which is a part of human resource management .Importance of training and development is high for employees career.

Special Issues Related With Training & Employee Development:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

1)      Potential Legal issues that relate to training:

  • Failing to give required training.
  • During a training activity incurring employee injury.
  • Incurring injuries to employees or others outside the training session.   
  • Reproducing & using copyrighted materials in training classes without permission.
  • Excluding women, minorities & older employees from training programs.
  • Not ensuring equal treatment to all employees while in training.
  • Need employees to attend training programs that might be offensive.
  • During a training session exposing discriminatory information.
  • With disabilities not accommodating trainees.

2)      Managing Wok force Diversity:

  •  Managing diversity means generate an environment that permits all employees regardless of their-race, age, physical condition, gender, family status, religious orientation or cultural background to contribute to organizational goals and experience personal growth.
  • Diversity can be managed through obedience towards law &/ diversity training programs (to change employee attitudes about diversity & / to help employees develop skills needed to work with a diverse work force).

3)      Melting the Glass Ceiling:

  •  Glass Ceiling– is an obstacle to advancement to the high levels of the organization.
  • Obstacle may be due to immutable, or company systems that unfavorably affect the development of women or minorities.
  •  The glass ceiling is expected caused by require of access to training programs, to appropriate developmental job experiences and to developmental relationship.  

4)      Succession Planning:  

  • Refers to the process of identifying  & developing the future leadership of the company
  • Includes the following steps— 
  1.  Identify what positions are included in the plan;
  2.  Identify the employees who are included in the plan;
  3.  Develop standards to evaluate positions;  
  4.  Determine how employee potential will be measured;
  5.   Assess the performance ;
  6.  Link the succession planning system with other human resource systems (such as , compensation, training & development etc) 
  7.  Determine what feedback is provided to employees.

5)      Developing Managers with Dysfunctional Behaviors:

  • Many studies have recognized managerial behaviors that can cause an otherwise competent manager to be an ineffective manager.  
  • Includes: lack of empathy, inability to be a team player, poor conflict –management skills, inability to change.
  • A combination of assessment, training & counseling is used to help managers change dysfunctional behavior. 

6)      Training & pay systems :

  • In skill based pay systems companies pay is primarily based on the knowledge & skills they possess rather than the knowledge or skills necessary to successfully perform the current job. The basic idea of training  & pay systems is to motivate employees to learn-pay is based on the skills that employees possess. 

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