Training and development process is mainly focus on employee training and development which is a part of human resource management .Importance of training and development is high for employees career.

Issues Related With Human Resources

Monday, November 25, 2013


Retirement means stopping of work after attaining a particular age limit. But voluntary retirement of a worker in any establishment on completion of nearly 25 years service shall be deemed to be “Retirement”.

Working Hour:

The time when workers remain under the control of his employer for their work excepting time for eating and resting is the working hour for workers. 


Workshop means such premises or yard where industrial process is carried on.


Any location or work area where generally five or more workers remain engaged in work on any day of the year is known as the “factory”.


Gratuity means 30 days wages of a worker at the rate of last drawn wages for a full year or more than six months service which he gets on conclusion of service.


Retrenchment is the termination of workers by the employer on the ground of needlessness caused by redundancy.


Discharge means termination of the service of worker by the employer on account of physical or mental disability.


It is a period of twenty four hours beginning from six o’ clock in the morning.


Same kind of work is carried out by two or more sets of workers; working during the different periods of day is the “shift”.


Termination of services of any worker for his or her misconduct by the employer is referred as “dismissal”.


A period of seven days which commences from six o’ clock in the morning of any Sunday or from any other day determined by the government for any area.

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