Training and development process is mainly focus on employee training and development which is a part of human resource management .Importance of training and development is high for employees career.

Goals of Organizational Development

Monday, December 23, 2013

Goals of organizational development are prepared on the basis of specific situations. But these goals or aims vary from place to place and situation to situation. The objectives are modified to suit the requirements of diverse situations of the organization. Although the basic objectives have certain common things but some of the common and significant goals of organizational development are as follows:

Objective of an organization are focused on educating individuals about the mission. Organizational development permits employees to align with the mission of their organization. This maintains workers combined to achieve their common goal. 

Workers are motivated to solve their basic problems instead of avoiding those problems. This problem solving increases the skills of the employees. Employee’s performance level will improve with increasing their skill. 

On the other hand, depending on their skills workers will be encouraged to participate in the planning process. By this way they will realize their responsibility and will work for proper and effective implementation of the plan. Their participation will increase their working efficiency to perform better to attain the target.

Organizational development aims at making a friendly and comfortable working atmosphere where workers are encouraged and motivated to work proficiently for gain the profit. Workers work enthusiastically if they get such an atmosphere where they get their own freedom. As a result, their competence as well as output is enhanced; this is very obligatory for the healthy development of any business enterprise.

If business environment will change, then it is necessary to implement changes within the organization. Organizational development generates an environment of faith which motivates and directs workers to accept the changes resulting from dynamic changes in a business.  

Benefits of Organizational Development (OD):

  • If any organization will be developed Profit (cost reduction, for non-profits) earning will be easier for that organization.
  • Innovation in work and satisfaction of customer is possible if OD will be present.
  • Organizational development improves product and service quality.
  • For OD employees will think personally that they are effective for the organization.
  • Any organization can give flexibility to their employees where OD is required.  
  • Organizational development brings satisfaction in job, work even in life.
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