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Management Concepts

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Different Management Concepts

When people make decisions about any matter of an organization and its all department and control the whole system of the organization that is known as management. The person who has the skill of controlling and making decisions about a business is the manager of that organization.

For running any company some activities are associated with it .When these activities (planning, organizing, controlling, leading, monitoring) will manage any organization then it will be known as business management. On the other hand, operations Management do not deals with the activities of organization .It only deals with design and management of products/services,procedures and supply chains. Operations management considers the facts related with the achievement, development and utilization of resources that a company need to deliver its goods or services according to their client’s desire. Scheduling and controlling of production, inventory management, total quality management, assessment of quality, materials handling and equipment maintenance rules all the issues will be included under operational level of management.

Financial management (FM) covers the two key processes of resource management and finance operations. Finance operations and resource management operations are the example of financial management.

If any person at first set goal and then try to achieve that by scheduling it for making any decision then their time management will be possible. A person will be more organized, efficient and pleased if he gains the time management skills.

Information management (IM) is another type of management where information is collected from one source and distributed that information to one or more viewers.

Management consulting is the practice of serving organizations to develop their performance through the investigation of existing organizational problems and development of plans for progress.

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